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Genealogy Services 

Individualized Research Projects:


Research Report


Solving straightforward and complex genealogical problems through evaluation and interpretation of records.


The report will include a summary of findings, a complete table of records searched, analysis, account for conflicting data, recommendations for further research, and copies of all applicable documents. Average projects are from 10-20 hours in length.

Billed in ten-hour increments.


Lineage Society Qualification Outline


A qualification outline will be delivered, including all applicable information and documentation for the society. Names, birth, death, marriage dates, locations, and full citations are included. Following each generation will be the proofs needed to submit your application. The format will mimic the application for the targeted society for straightforward copying. Disclaimer: Some societies require an invitation before pursuing an application. For information on how to join specific societies visit:


Research examples on request


Work begins after a written agreement is signed and payment is received. 


All research is in agreement with the Board for Certification of Genealogists Proof Standards: reasonably exhaustive research, complete and accurate citations, tests of all sources, resolution of conflicts and soundly reasoned and coherent conclusions. 







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